Friday, December 4, 2015


Photo by Kyla

we have word
of a credible threat
credible word
meaning you should believe us
as we might believe it
as we believe we see
accurately the lineage of the eyes
of a perpetrator or
pedestrian protagonist
perfectionist prevaricating
prestidigitator paraplegic and
why not
everything is true
in the place of fear
looked at a certain way
and that is
the way we look:
like believers
like honest men
and a few women
as long as they don't
do certain credible things
as well as incredible ones
so that we are not
or lost in their eyes
of stars
of pollen dust
of moldering leaves
of graves and birthblood.

Let us be credible
together and let
the threat which is now
credible become
incredible as stars
as firelight flickering on
cave walls
as memory
as distant gods
and let it come
no closer
to our precious things
of belief and reality
upon which we most fragiley


  1. This is absolutely lovely, Kyla. You had me at this "everything is true
    in the place of fear" and held me with this "and a few women
    as long as they don't
    do certain credible things" Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome! I am coming over your way soon as I can and would love to link this in my comment to your post. Today has gotten away from me!

      And, thank you! I feel this one is a bit more controversial than my usual, but I liked where it went, so, here it is. The layers of belief are very strange when we peel some of them back, and that's what I hoped to illuminate here.