Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seeking Refuge

Detail from Houdini by M. Regelson. Photo by Kyla

Language is a shapeshifting beast
that patrols the borders of silence.

Articles prowl, poems
extend their claws.
Novels snarl, texts growl,
sweet lyrics seduce you
sideways with surprise,
conversation lurks and trips you
and if that doesn't stop you
there is the final titanium
memory tangle of stray phrases,
a concrete cacophony jangle
gridded against your path.

Break through if you can
and have a look around.

Breathe in the vast

You may decide
not to return.


But then,
what is refuge to you?
You will always return

here is where magic
gets its smoke.
It wafts away off elsewhere
faster than fire
and leaves behind
mere evidence
and a thin vapor
of impossibility.

Here at the edge
if we're lucky
silence bleeds through
and burns traces.

Don't look.
Don't look away.
Just open your mouth
and speak
and drink
and write down
what you didn't
mean to say.

All photos by Kyla

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