Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nab's Blessing Before Food

Let Me In.  Photo by Kyla

(Nab is a young cat, a skilled hunter, very sociable and affectionate and also impatient. He pretty much comes and goes at choice; some mornings he is in and out of the kitchen door five or six times in a half hour. The other morning he was sitting on a table under my window, crying to come in. I translated. And let him in, of course.

Enjoy, for a little change of pace.)

I been cryin' at the window I been cryin' at the door
but the people won't let me inside no more!
I been consortin' with opossums
I been dancin' with racoons
and now I really want some catfood!
I want to hear those clickin' spoons!
Let me in! Meow meow meow
let me in!

Oh I think I hear the kitchen
make some foodie foodie sounds
oh I been so hungry ever since
I ran that squirrel to ground
but that skinny old squirrel just don't
taste good anymore,
oh please please you people just
open up the door and let me in!
meow meow let me in there now!
Let me in let me in meow meow

Obviously starved and miserable. Photo by Kyla

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