Friday, March 13, 2015

Dance On

Music10. Image by Maya Chae

She got herself some wings
but first, she had to take
some pills.
She shucked out of that
body, slipped up
the broken spine
in a dope-smoothed climb, shook
loose the old hurting legs,
gathered up all
her hydroplasmic willfire
and shot
out of that too-tight
braincase, no earthbound pharma meds
come close to slowing that down now, she's
aimed true and deadly for those
Pure Lands.
Shot like a bolt from a crossbow,
no pain, no crushed soul,
no stupid dead-light mindfuck,
no crappy karmic slime
no slow-ass time holding her back now she
shattered those shackles
into spacedust and

You. You watch her blaze.
Or if you can't see her no more,
you just let her be.

She's gone from here, dancing,
she's all right

Image by Maya Chae


  1. This is perfection.
    "She shucked out of that
    body, slipped up
    the broken spine" I want to swallow these words. Thanks for this, Kyla!

    1. Poetry is such funny stuff. That was one of two places I considered rewording. Glad I didn't.

  2. Yea girl, you got it just right. Powerful!

    1. Thanks, babe, it felt like it went true.

  3. Hi Kyla, an intense piece. I especially like these parts: "She shucked out of that body, slipped up that broken spine ..." and "You. You watch her blaze ..."

    1. Thanks, Claudine, it needs to be intense; it's an intense love I feel for this gal, my gone friend. And again, the funny stuff of poetry, that "You. ..." bit was another that raised a question in critique. Sometimes the phrases that raise questions are also the strongest poem bones, I am finding. Not always!

      Thanks for the read and comment.