Monday, April 20, 2015

Ahna Goes Home At Last

Dance With Me. Photo by Karen Baggott
walking in the air
and as she walks
she finds her fingers
sifting clouds.
She thinks the colors
and they're there.
Sweet starfire kissing
sunlit hair,
each atom sings
its perfect round
and no thing with a flaw
is found
in this realm of blazing grace.

She's found her face,
her arms,
her legs,
her place
to be and to be whole
and safe.

Here is the sea,
the endless shore,
swift surf and plunging
aqua deeps.
She walks in air,
sand crystals shine,
and each blue moment
opens into futures past
that are become
this now's divine
and exquisite
clime. She walks
in air, this air of home
and home is hers
to keep this time.

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